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Why and how I quit smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol and connected even deeper with my spirituality

Posted on September 17th, 2021

Hooot topic today my love, why and how I stop drinking alcohol over 2 years ago


If you would have told me three years ago that I would quit drinking wine I would not believe you. 


I even took a sense of pride in drinking wine as I come from the wine region, southern Moravia in Czech Republic, and lived in Spain. 


Everyone around me was drinking and smoking so for me it was just so normalized that I didn’t even think about it. 


When I was going to college here in the USA working on my biz associate degree I was feeling so rushed and stressed with smoking cigarettes that the biggest gift I could give myself for my 28 year birthday was going to a hypnotherapy session to quit smoking. 


And I haven’t smoked ever since. 


With alcohol it was different. 


It is something that I used to go to relax, to unwind, to create space for myself. 


Yet when we two years ago celebrated 4th of July in our cabin in Northern California and instead of desired peace I was listening to drunk neighbors for days my patience was out! 


My husband Christopher did an exercise on me from Neurolinguistic Programming where he swapped how I felt about beer (I don’t like beer) with how I felt about wine. 


I never had a sip of alcohol from then. 


It truly seems to me that as we embark on our personal development journey and the spiritual journey we don’t look so much at WHAT we are doing but WHY we are doing them. 


And I knew that why I drank didn’t feel good to me anymore. 


Two main reasons why I stopped drinking alcohol:

  1. Physical

When your body is processing, detoxing alcohol, which is poison for it, it shuts everything off. Your immune system, your detox system, your fat burning. All is shut off and only survivors are turned on. 

Who wants to live as a survivor??


  1. Spiritual

I believe we are spirits having a human experience. And to experience this life we get to be connected not to try to numb and disconnect, which is what alcohol is doing.

It lowers your vibration and disconnects you from the higher power. Not completely, you can’t ever pinch yourself completely off, yet disconnect so you don’t feel like the pure vessel you came here to be. 


This is why and how I quit and it feels really great to me. 


You get to create your own way.


Ask yourself:

Why do I drink?


When do I drink?


Is drinking really my idea? 


Do I feel aligned, alive and abundant when and after I drink?


Let me know your thoughts and feelings on this subject. 


Just connect with me on Instagram: www.instagram.com/petiakolibova or shoot me an email at hello@petiakolibova.com


Remember, I love you, I see you, I receive you!

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