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Welcome to the Unapologetically Abundant podcast. I will take you on journey of self-worth discovery by elevating your energy and connecting with your soul, while offering simple steps and tools you can use right now, to create a healthy and empowered life you love!

How to blend feminine energetics and masculine strategies to attract more clients to your business

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Do you desire to create a bigger impact and income in your business? 


Many of my clients and women who come to me are looking to create even more impact in their lives and also create more prosperity. 


What I notice that isn't working in their approach is that they are heavily focusing on one or the other of the dynamics. 


They are either putting all their focus on feminine energetics, manifesting, prayers, dancing, journaling, or visualizing. 


Or they are deep in the masculine focus on doing, achieving, and planning. 


And what I have realized in my own business is that what creates the quantum leaps and not just small steps is when we learn to embrace both. 


When you step into the feminine energetics:

Working on healing your past wounds 

Aligning with your soul 

Connecting to a power bigger than yourself 

Being one with your future self and nature 

Manifesting, prayers, visualizing 

Rewriting your limiting beliefs 


And then get clear with your masculine strategies:

Who am I and what kind of life do I desire to live?

What kind of business would support this?

Who do I desire to work with?

How can I be in front of those people?  

Who has that audience already?

How can I be seen as an expert and bring value?


Remember that we are always striving for balance, for harmony in our lives. 

So, when we are heavily in one or the other energy we are not aligned. 


Start blending these two energies, masculine and feminine and see how your business starts blooming and so will you. 


I am also teaching on how to create clarity of your vision and success from your soul on our online Soulful Success Experience so make sure to meet me there :) http://SoulfulSuccessExperience.com

How to overcome addictions one day at the time with J.D. Frost

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On this episode, we talked about:

Being able to overcome challenges
Nobody is perfect, we all make mistakes
Eliminate fear of others
Deepen compassion and understanding
Every single day is day one
Creating consistency in life
Each day is a gift
Being completely present in life
Choosing one thing to focus on
We all have addictions
Better awareness and choices
Start to be curious about yourself


"It's a miracle to me to get through the day and not get a drink of alcohol"


"If you can find joy in difficult times, you will have your endurance grow"


"If you want to change your life, literally change the first hour of your day every day"


About J.D. :

J.D. Frost is the founder and C.E.O of CROFT & FROST, a firm that transcends traditional accounting and wealth creation. With both a CPA and his MBA, J.D. advises businesses on more than just their financials; he utilizes four foundations of wealth creation to help his clients, partners, and employees build courage and create wealth.  As an entrepreneur, he knows what it takes to start— -- and scale— -- a business, and has used his years of experience in accounting to build a solid foundation for each and every one of his clients and businesses. J.D. believes that in order to achieve your personal, professional, and financial goals, you must change the way you think. J.D. coaches his clients, partners, and employees to treat every day like Day 1.




How to manifest your desires with ease with simple 3 steps

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Have you also made this mistake?


Doing what everyone else is doing instead of listening to your own inner guidance that Shows you what’s correct for you? 


Been there done that 😬


When I followed, invested in and listened to many others who were further ahead of me.


Because I thought if I do exactly what they did I will succeed too.


Yet when most people were teaching me how to succeed they were sharing their unique way of what works for them personally. 


So then I taught others what was specific for me.




I’m a specific manifestor and sacral generator so I was teaching that way unconsciously before I learned about human design and understood the depth of how we are each so unique.


Here are three steps that will work for you to manifest your desires even if you’re not deeply familiar with human design. 


  1. Be specific 
  2. (get crystal clear in your goals, desires and wants) 
  3. Be general 
  4. (what would it feel like, look like, to live the life that you desire, and then detach from the how. Let the universe surprise you) 
  5. Focus on the feeling 
  6. (it is the feeling of already having it that will align you with your desires) 


Which of these steps works for you the best when manifesting your desires? 



Ps. Make sure to join us on our Soulful Success Experience where I along with other 20 speakers guide you on how to create success from your soul. 


How to heal past traumas through somatic experiences and reconnecting to your body with Marina Yanay Triner

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On this episode, we talked about:

A lot of our traumas live in our bodies
I'm healing, my business is growing
Everything you need it's within you
Every single people carries traumas
Noticing your sensations with compassion
Acknowledging instead of ignoring


"Every trauma is the same to our body, it really doesn't matter what the story is"


"Get comfortable with your body, just notice it and your sensations and ask yourself: what am I sensing?"


"Everything that you're feeling, everything that comes true, the trauma and the way that you behave, makes sense"


About Marina:
Marina Yanay-Triner is the compassionate somatic coach. She works with people who are disengaged with life, burnt out and checked out, to support them in experiencing more joy and aliveness in their lives. As a trauma-informed coach, Marina works with clients to go deep into the roots of behavioral patterns that hold them back from experiencing life to its fullest, looking at childhood-rooted beliefs, emotions, behavioral patterns, and the unconscious to create massive transformation. Marina forms a powerful and deep partnership with her clients in which they use body-based somatic approaches including mindful self-compassion, nervous system regulation, and emotional healing to support a connection back to the body, strengthen their connection with their instincts and intuition, and flourish!

What does it really mean to be successful

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Success…that is a word that gets thrown around so much and so often. 


We hear it growing up from our parents, schools, comparing ourselves to those around us, from society. 


You get to do this and that to be a real success. 


Yet, have you ever paused to ask yourself what success really means to you?

To YOU. 


Not to your parents, friends, partners, society. 



What would success look like and feel like to you?

We are all wired to have different perspectives, desires and wants. 


It gets to be applied to success too. 


Your success gets to come from your soul. 


It gets to come from the deepest parts of you when you are truly feeling fulfilled, alive and satisfied. 


Success to me is to be healthy, in love with myself, my life, my partner, to be loved and supported and to know that I am making an impact, legacy in this world by empowering women to align personally and professionally with their soul’s purpose. That I am abundantly paid to be me, so I can do what I desire when I desire it. And to share this abundance and prosperity with the world. 


That’s what true success is to me. 


What does success mean to you, my love? 


True success that comes from your soul? 


Ps. If you are ready to rediscover your soul’s purpose make sure to join us on a soulful success experience

Learn how to access akashic records with Mia Millonzi

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On this episode, we talked about:

Akashic record: an energetic blueprint of all your lifetimes
Giving guidance and direction
Blueprint of one soul
Re-writing your story
Being fully aligned with who you really are
Reprogramming your subconscious mind
Seeing beyond your limiting beliefs

"Every record that is ever happened on earth is stored in the akashic record, so everyone has an akashic record"


"If someone's not real with themselves, how would they be able to channel their records?"


"Accessing your akashic records really gives you a vision and a perspective of reaching your highest and holiest potential"


About Mia:
Mia Millonzi is an Akashic Record Channel, Akashic Mentor/Teacher, Intuitive Angel Messenger,  Multidimensional Energy Healer, Angel Channel, and Harpist.
An Angel Embodied on Earth. 
Mia’s mission here is to bridge Heaven on Earth through the Akashic Records providing a safe container of heavenly light for souls to heal, evolve and grow into their highest and holiest true potential. She is here to serve Humanity through the Akashic Records, 1:1 Mentorships (where you can become a certified Akashic Records Practioner), Connecting your soul to God Consciousness + The Akashic Light, Wisdom, Knowledge and Healing. 
Mia is a Divine Channel of The Akashic Records + Multi-Dimensional Quantum Healer anchoring, Heaven On Earth. Her mission here is to bring forth and provide access to the profound healing, messages and wisdom that are channeled through when accessing the Akashic Records. Since 2018 Mia has given over hundreds of thousands of healing akashic sessions/readings. Mia is also gifted with all 4 ‘Clairs’ clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognizance as well as studying the Akashic Records from The Center of The Akashic Records. She started giving healing Akashic sessions in the heart of Sedona, Arizona. Mia has dedicated her life to being a guardian/teacher of the Akashic Records and this universal knowledge, wisdom and truth. The Akashic Records are available to all of us, at any time, and she is dedicated to being the clearest oracle and channel for The Akashic Records, her clients and herself. When accessing the Akashic Records we are shown a higher perspective of the true self.

How I learned to trust and surrender to the Universe and my life story

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If you really really know me...you would know...


Have you ever played this game? 


I love using it, playing it in my live events or retreats. So often we are hiding behind who we think we should be instead of embracing who we truly are. Who we came here to be and seeing all that we have experienced as a miracle vs judging it.


When I started this podcast over 4 years ago now (WOW time flies!!) I recorded episode 000 where I share who I am and why I am creating this show. 


Four years later I felt called to (and also got asked about my life story to share) create another episode to share my heart and my journey.. So here I am…


Here I am looking back at the times when I felt unworthy and unlovable through the stories I have built about not being a planned baby…


Here I am seeing how that made me treat my body and self with disrespect and pain. 


Here I am acknowledging all the times I lost myself in toxic relationships as I was so hungry to be loved. 


Here I am connecting all the dots and truly trusting I am not alone controlling my life and making things happen but knowing I am divinely guided and always protected. 


Life is a funny thing.

You come here to experience it all through your senses and feelings and then we we attempting to make it harder than it  needs to be. 


The more, the longer I live the more I surrender. 


To love, to life, to business, to my body, to the guidance that knows more than me. 


What really soothes my soul that I have no regrets. 


I did some crazy, silly things on my journey, I hurt people, and I hurt myself the most. 


Yet all of that made me the person I am today. 


The nurturing, compassionate, strong leader that I am, the loyal friend, amazing wife and mother of many clients and people who desire that extra love and nurturing and guidance. 


You can’t change your past. 


You can’t control your life. 


Yet what you CAN is to surrender and trust and get to know yourself better, deeper and live from your soul. 


If you could right now hold your younger self in your arms, what would you tell her? 


Reviews are like a virtual hug and you know I  LOVE hugs! It would mean a world to me if you could please write me an honest review so more women can find this show 🤗

Thank you so much for your love and support!!

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How to remember you are the light through sound healing with Amy Sikarskie

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In this episode:

  • Awareness of knowing that we are light
  • Opening our energetic field
  • Everything has energy
  • Understanding how sound therapy works
  • The frequency resonates with your chakra
  • The frequency starts in your aura
  • Any experience will be unique and different
  • Intention and allowing
  • Set your intention and you will be guided where you need to go
  • Having trust and faith that you are the light


Connecting within to your physical body in the awareness around you and let yourself relax into knowing the aspect of soul or spirit that is there in the physical body



It's really about connecting with the sound frequencies and as you do that, you start to connect with your heart



It's a process of clearing out energy that shouldn't belong there because it's not resonating and using sound therapy can help you with that


About Amy:

After a life-changing awakening and journey in raising her vibration and awareness, Amy came to recall gifts and abilities that she uses to support and assist others. Services offered can be found here


Amy has been called a "healer's healer" due to her experience and level of commitment in educating, facilitating sessions, and assisting others as a mentor during their healing and awakening process.  She assists clients worldwide through energy healing, energetic assessments, and readings using the gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, and claircognizance. In sessions, she works closely with higher dimensional beings, including the client's higher self, the angel realm, spirit guides, and star councils. Amy is a channel for The Council of Light and specializes in mentoring the awakening Starseed and connects in with clients' star councils for information that supports their life missions. 

Connect with Amy

Amy can be found on Instagram at the following accounts and offers frequent Instagram Live video chats with her community. 


You may also enjoy her Instagram TV (mobile app only) with prerecorded meditations, conversations, Q&A's and readings with viewers.








Reviews are like a virtual hug and you know I  LOVE hugs! It would mean the world to me if you could please write me an honest review so more women can find this show 🤗

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Message from my miscarriage

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Message from my MISCARRIAGE  🖤


Have you ever had a sense of loss and body aching pain to lose someone you have never met?

Last year was filled with so many events for me…

My grandma transitioned 5 days before my b-day.

My grandpa transitioned a month and a half later on the actual day of my wedding.

And now our baby….

You can look at this logically and say it’s normal, it’s common. 

Statistics say that one in every three women will experience losing a baby before week 20. 

I don’t hate many things... I rarely use this word.

Yet today I hate being a statistic.

I hate that I’m looking inside of me. What did I do wrong and why when we prepared so much for this soul’s arrival and already loved it so much it didn’t stay?

I hate how much I loved being pregnant and how much it taught me, how much I grew, and how excited I was to share it with the world.

And now all I feel is immense emptiness, sorrow and sadness.

Words can’t describe my emotional pain. 
Words can explain the hopelessness I’m feeling. 
Words can’t soothe the broken heart. 

Yet I know I’m not alone. 

So as my dear friend @missys_astrology told me:
Let your test be a testimony so you can become an even better healer. 

My pain is immense yet my heart stays open. 

If you ever went through this pain or are going through it, you’re not alone. 

And after reading books like Spirit Babies and Angel Babies I want to believe that our babies are still around, watching us, guiding us and helping us to serve a bigger purpose.

Yet in the meantime, I’m allowing my heart, my soul, and my body to feel the pain…..

Keeping the trust and faith that what is meant to be IS and our bodies are magical in creating miracles and our little one’s soul will find its way back to us.

How to confidently create your best life yet with Christina Lecuyer

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On this episode, we talked about:

Becoming addicted to attention
Feeling good and being confident
Taking decision, faith and action
Living in constant gratitude
Knowing what I believe
Do something that you want to do forever
Do the thing that you want to do
Confidence comes over time
Quit comparing yourself to other people


"You can decide it´s your turn any moment, any part of the day, you just get to decide that"


"I understand how short life is and I try to not get stuck in the details"


"Confidence is built always by showing up, it's a muscle: the more you use it, the stronger it gets"


About Christina:

Christina Lecuyer is a former professional golfer turned Confidence and Success Coach, Motivational Speaker, and Host of “Decide It’s Your Turn: The Podcast”. 

Through one-on-one coaching, Decide It’s Your Turn: The Mastermind, speaking and in-person retreat Christina helps you shatter limiting beliefs, become more confident, and hold you accountable to creating and executing your most purposeful and profitable life!
Christina's Resources: 
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bechristina/
Decide It’s Your Turn: The Podcast: www.christinalecuyer.com/podcast 
Confidence + Success Coaching: https://christinalecuyer.com/coaching/
Decide it’s your turn: The Mastermind: https://christinalecuyer.com/mastermind/
Book Christina For Your Next Speaking Engagement: http://christinalecuyer.com/contact/


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