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What‘s the real point of living

Posted on October 15th, 2021

Have you ever wondered why you are here?

What is your purpose?

Does it really matter if you are here or not?

Is this really what you are living or is there more?


I know I was having these and millions of other questions like these for decades. 


And even though there was no magical whisper of a voice that would give me all the answers I did learn along my journey that there is so much more than we allow ourselves to live. 


So much more to explore, feel, experience and embrace than just getting by. 


And all it takes is to realize that you are perfectly made for your purpose. 


That your purpose is to BE YOU. 


You came here ready and equipped with everything you need to live a life that you are meant to live. 


It takes courage to let go of the masks and really embrace who you are. 


To stop people pleasing, to release the need to be safe and hope that no one will judge you. 


My love, you are perfectly made for your people and your people will adore and love you for YOU. 


But how do you want them to see you when you are hiding behind the masks afraid to be judged or fail?


I invite you to drop the masks, to BE YOU unapologetically and to start listening to what your soul is nudging you to do instead of listening to the world around you. 


Remember, I love you, I see you, I receive you. 


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