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How to use adaptogenic herbs to heal naturally through stressful times with Danny Parrot

Posted on October 12th, 2021

"I'm a source of divine energy wrapped in a chocolate wrapper and I'm doing as best as I can to raise the vibration of everyone that I'm around"


In this episode we talked about:

How cancer opened the door to other things
Fear and hypnosis
Using herbs to lower your stress levels
How to pick the good stuff
3 herbs you can start with today!
How long does it take to notice a change?
Following up, journaling and protocols
Magic is inevitable
Removing yourself from the environment


"Is not about how strong you are. how smart or how fast you are. It's about how well you are capable of dealing with the punches that life throws at you. Adaptogens make us more resilient, and resiliency it's the key."


About Danny:

My name is Danny and I'm the owner of Parrott Food & Beverage corporation & MOVERs Elixirs LLC. I specialize in adaptogen herbs and developing practical ways to consume them.

To date, I have worked with hundreds of individuals across the United States as a holistic wellness consultant, researcher, and herbal beverage innovator.

I serve as the President of Maxx Philanthropies, named after my son. I also serve on the Board of Directors for Health Freedom for Humanity.


My herbal certification is from the Herbal Academy International School of herbal science.


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