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How to stop feeling guilty about taking care of yourself first

Posted on September 30th, 2021

If you are anything like me, you grow up being told to take care of other people’s needs first. 


Leaving you, your dreams, desires, somewhere on a back burned. 


Today is the day I am reminding you that you come first. AND that taking care of you isn’t selfish but necessary. 


Remember that the way we treat ourselves is how we teach others how to treat us. 


The moment you declare you will first check in with you before you say YES to others, to project, to work, to family. 


Because that is the only way we can give others the best of us not the rest of us. 


Ask yourself today:

How can I create a loving space for myself today?

What would make me feel good today?

Is what I am about to say yes to is a HEAVEN YES?


Am I still excited and fulfilled by what I am doing? 


What would my higher self do/say right now?

What is in my highest good?


Asking reflection questions gives you time and space to reflect and see if what you are doing and creating still aligns with who you really are. 


Ps. I know if you are listening to this podcast it means you know you are ready to transcend  your reality and what you are living. 

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