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How to create your unique path to success

Posted on September 24th, 2021

If I would have asked you right now to close your eyes and describe to me vividly what success looks like to you, what would you say?

What does it really look like, feel like to you?


So often we are chasing to be MORE… more money, more time, more freedom, more success, and that more can be inspiring or really suffocating. 


Here are the steps for you to create a path to success that is unique to you:

1. Define for yourself what success looks like and feels like to you.
How will you know if you are succeeding in life?

  1. Uncover what is the essence of that success
    What is the essence of that success, that achievement?
    Is it freedom? Deep connections? Self-expression? Making an impact?


  1. When in the past you have experienced, felt this kind of essence already in your life?
    Where were you, who were you, who were you with? 


  1. How can you recreate that essence in your life?

What can you create right now in your life that would feel the same way?
See, the key is the feeling, how you really feel will determine what you will attract into your life. 


  1. Give yourself permission to grow, to evolve and to release expectations.
    Tell yourself, I desire this or something even better. 

If you see the success for what it really is, for the essence of it, you will open yourself more up to new and even more expansive possibilities VS just attempting to focus strictly on the goals and going from one achievement to next without really feeling and enjoying it.

Some days we can feel on top of the world and some days we feel like we are falling behind, and that’s ok my love. 


Give yourself permission to ride the ways and come back to these steps when you want to create the energy of your path to success. 


I love you, I see you, I receive you!

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