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How I connected even deeper with my unborn child

Posted on March 25th, 2022

Connection is everything in our lives. 


Whether it is the connection to yourself, those around you, or those who were not born yet. 


As I shared with you in my past episodes, we declared with my husband that we are open and ready to receive our spirit baby this year. 


What I didn’t remember these past couple of months is how everything is connected. 


When I was going through shifts and changes in my biz these past couple of months I realized that I haven't been really honest with myself. 


And that radical honesty was exactly what I needed to rise above my low energy and feelings of smallness. 


Through my breathwork practice with my mentor, I was able to connect to my truth and see clearly that I was not feeling worthy and deserving of having it all. 


I was in a place where I thought I could have a successful business OR be an amazing present mother. 


I didn’t realize that I gave up on that possibility of being able to have both and didn’t trust myself. 


This powerful breathwork session led me into writing a heartfelt letter to my child to apologize for how I subconsciously didn’t even give us a chance. 


I apologize for the doubts, fears, and opened my heart to possibilities. 


It is through these modalities like breathwork and human design that we can see clearly again and can get clear guidance on our next steps. 


What modality helps you to go deeper?

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